We have chosen our line of work because we believe in the power of Love. We believe that being good at what we do, and doing good while we do it, is both a gift and honor.  We can’t think of anything more gratifying than celebrating Love.

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Our company started its Colorado journey over a decade ago, designing and planning corporate and luxury events worthy of the Rockies' majestic mountain peaks. Prior to building her successful business in Denver, our CEO Aimee Monihan set up an event planning office in Costa Rica. As a groundbreaking entrepreneur, Aimee forged the way as the first wedding planner in Costa Rica and her Tropical Occasions company plans events in the most beautiful tropical destinations around the globe. As a sister company, Mountain Occasions remains the only planners in Colorado with an extensive history orchestrating international destination events. 


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We do what we do because it makes us happy.
We are explorers of joy, because it broadens our minds and our hearts.
We believe happiness is something that should never be in short supply.
We know that if what we do comes from our hearts, our clients and their guests will also experience our joy.

Our purpose comes from the fine art of celebration, creating memories that last lifetimes.
And we know that the magnitude of any memory lies in the details.
Our curiosity increases our compassion for others, and it enriches us beyond measure.
Working with and learning from people around the world is invaluable.

And it should go without saying that we are warriors for equality. 
We actively work for a world free from exclusion.
We passionately believe that Love is Love! 
Because Love is what it all comes from and goes back to.



A globe-trotting, multi-lingual team of planners, designers & producers.