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Mountain Occasions has been producing events throughout Colorado and neighboring states for over 10 years. We are a company, made up of creatives who came to Colorado in search of a mountain lifestyle. We live and breathe the outdoors, and chose to live here for that exact reason. The mountains provide a sense of perspective for what truly matters in life. And to us, what matters most can be summed up with the word, Love. As a team, we understand the call of the mountains, and we have made it our mission to facilitate your journey to them. From a luxury resort wedding in Aspen, to an intimate ranch affair in Durango, we are prepared to orchestrate events wherever strikes your fancy. All draws to the mountains are unique, brought about by each of our individual life experiences. We want to hear your story, discover your pull to the mountains, and capture the essence of your vision, so that we may fully bring to life unforgettable memories for you and your guests.



Service Options



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From concept to completion we are there every step of the way for your dream event. We help you paint your vision, so that we can then procure and produce every last detail, allowing you to purely enjoy yourself during your big event.



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We often have clients who have started planning their own event, but then realize need help in the final stages. Mountain Occasions offers a partial planning solution where we take over three months prior to your event. Our team can help with your design, handle vendor communication, and produce the final product. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.



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Our 'Month of" planning offer is typically for events that you have planned, but that you need help with at the final stages. Whether you simply need someone to execute your plans on the day of, or realize you need some serious help as your event approaches, we are there to help finalize and produce your big day. Whatever your situation is, reach out (the sooner the better) and we'll come up with a solution.

what our clients say

Aimee Monihan is a joyous, creative and exceedingly talented wedding planner & designer. We loved every minute of working with her. Our planning phone calls with her were often the highlight of our week. For two chill guys that ultimately just wanted to show up for an amazing week-long party, things couldn’t have been much smoother. My advice to all, hire Aimee, then pass over the control & trust her. Come time for your event, sit back and have the time of your life.
— Sanjay & Matt

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